One Team. One Mission.



One Team. One Mission.





Christian Community Schools endeavors to train and to disciple young people as they mature spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially, teaching them to use all diligence to add to their faith virtue, and to their virtue knowledge (II Pet. 3:5).

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Our Pledge to Parents

By the grace of God, we will teach your children how to read, write, and learn math, science, and history from a divine perspective. We will impart to them a Biblical understanding of psychology, the social sciences, what God says about government, the family, and His kingdom in the world. But most of all we will partner with you in your 24/7, divinely-given task of educating them with the following characteristics:

 Focus on Christ

That they must hold Christ as preeminent in all of life… especially in their mental, physical, social, moral, and spiritual development.

 Divine Destiny

A divine sense of origin and destiny, and that God has a special design and purpose for them.

 Fear of God

A healthy and wholesome fear of God that motivates them to depart from evil.


We will seek to do all of this, teaching and training your child, foremost by our example

 Absolute Truth

That God’s revelation to man, the Bible, is absolute and foundational truth for their life.


There’s nothing as important as their salvation and growth in Christ… to be like Jesus.

 Eternal Perspective

We will impart to them a view of the future that includes the eternal perspective.

A Highly Recommended School

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our parents and former students say:

Went there from K2 through 2nd, which then I had to move. Great staff, great friends, and great environment! If I could go back, I definitely would!
Olivia Smith
Former Student
Christian Community School provides EXCELLENT teachers, staff and curriculum. We appreciate every aspect of our school and are extremely grateful for the family feel of the teachers and staff. We are truly grateful for CCS and all the blessings it provides our son. We HIGHLY recommend CCS to any family interested in excellence.
Rochelle K.
Went there from 6th grade through graduation, and loved the whole experience. Great staff, Godly people.
Jay B
Former Student