2022-2023 Preseason Preview

The Lady Colts varsity basketball team opened their first official practice for the 22/23 season with their eyes on a TSIAA state championship as the goal. The Colts will be an up tempo offensive unit as well as an in your face defensive unit that has become the trademark of Lady Colts basketball. With a good mix of experience and youth, the ladies are poised for a run at the trophy.                                                        

From the senior class the Colts have Breanna Pugh who brings 15 years of experience ( or so it seems ) as well as senior transfer Ella Disney who is worth the price of admission by herself. Be prepared to see nothing but a blur when the ball is in her hands.

The junior class is represented by Olivia Brentlinger who also is battle tested and brings a ton of experience to the court.

The sophomore class is loaded with talent and experience with Makenzie Rigsby, Emily McClain, M.J. Dodd, Maya Haddad, Desi Booker and Lily Weaver. Each of these young ladies are capable of playing multiple positions on offense as well as having the ability to be lock down defenders.

In the freshman class you will find talent and even a decent amount of experience with Lauren Mcever, Anna Nix, Riley Tate (who is redshirting this season), Genevieve Snyder and A.C.Caverly. The roster is rounded out by 8th grader Autumn Ray who brings passion for the game and very high potential.

The offense of coach J.T.Jones is designed to be up tempo and he has the players to make it happen. Couple that with a frenetic defensive pace and you have an exciting team to watch this 22/23 season.

Written by: Harley Pinkerman                          

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